Farrell Faber and Associates
How much will my house cost to build?
That's a lot like walking on a car lot and asking "how much is a car"?  Obviously, it depends on the model, the level of quality, and the options desired.  Similarly, the cost of your home will depend on a variety of factors including size of home, site constraints, desired materials, and  level of quality.  Once we have begun to discuss your project, we can begin to  dial in estimates of cost.  We also recommend bringing in a professional contractor early in the process, even if only as a consultant, to assist in refining your budget.
How long will this process take?
Similarly, the design and drawing process will vary dependent on many factors including the size and complexity of the project, specific lot requirements, and your preparedness, as well as our current work load.  Once we begin your project, we will outline a timeline for the specific phases that we have control over.  Given that, there will be several times during the process that you will be reviewing drawings which will impact the overall schedule.  As much as we understand the temptation to move thing forward quickly, this is time well spent.  It is much easier to change things at the drawing stage rather than the construction phase.
What other disciplines are involved in this process?
The team we will assemble for your home will involve many other consultants.  These will include the structural engineer, the civil engineer, and soils engineer.  Due to state requirements, there will also be Title 24 (Energy) and Green Consultants.  Depending on local requirements, you may also be required to have a Landscape Architect.  You will contract and compensate all of these consultants directly, but we will handle the interface and coordination with them as part of our services.

I've heard of modular housing.  Can my house be built that way?
Farrell Faber and Associates has spent the last several years getting involved in manufactured housing, and has developed a technolgy called hybridCore Homes (www.hybridcorehomes.com).  HybridCore Homes is a marriage of factory built construction and site built construction, taking advantage on the efficiencies and benefits of each.  With this technology, you may have the potential of saving both time and money.  If this is something you wish to explore, please talk to us about it during the initial phases of your project.
Does Farrell Faber and Associates offer Interior Design Services?
Yes, in an effort to become more comprehensive in it's services, Farrell Faber and Associates has recently added Interior Design to it's repertoire.  For more information, please click here.